Burgage Holders of Alnmouth Common Ltd

The Burgage Holders of Alnmouth Common Ltd are a voluntary committee who give their time freely to help manage the Alnmouth Common and uphold ancient Burgage Values and traditions within our modern world.

Commons are the one of our oldest institutions, older event than Parliament or the Monarchy. In Alnmouth the ‘common rights’ date back to the 12th Century and attach by law and title 36 properties in the village. The owners of these properties are the Burgage Holders.
Most Commons are owned by somebody; Alnmouth Common is owned by the Duke of Northumberland. Common means that certain properties or people have common rights over the land and are a legacy from a time when our land was wild and used in common, these rights include grazing for stock and wood fires.

Today, one responsibility of the Burgage Holders’ Committee is to conserve the natural beauty of the Common. To enable us to do this we employ a Morgrieve to maintain the Common with advice from bodies such the ANOB. For example, we have created a wildlife habitat within the Alnmouth wetlands and bulb planting for Spring time colour takes place each year. Local school children are invited to take part in special events to encourage interest in, and respect for our natural surroundings.
We have a car park in the dunes which we try to keep as natural as possible, in harmony with the rest of the Common. It is perfectly placed to give access to the beach and just a short walk along a footpath to the village and its amenities. Although open all year, there is a charge during part of the year, usually from Easter to the end of October. All profit from the car park revenue is reinvested back into Alnmouth Common conservation work, village and community projects and local charitable giving. Take a look at our website for more information about us, the Burgage Holders, our lovely village and of course, our Common.


Bracken Hill, Alnmouth Common


Wetlands, Alnmouth Common


Website: burgageholders.co.uk/

Address:  Alnmouth Burgage Holders
PO Box 128
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