Content Writing Vs. Copywriting

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Content writing and copywriting can often be intermingled but as a matter of a fact, they are completely different disciplines and the success of your business marketing depends upon having the right one in place.

Before the advent of blogs, marketing copy was pretty much the only go-to choice of all organizations. However, in the wake of the digitalization of the modern era, the internet is now filled with hundreds and thousands of blogs, and blogging, in turn, has evolved from being a personal journal to an effective tool for marketing. 

So, before you set up your website or your blog, you must ask yourself which of the two serves as the best way to target your audience and achieve the greatest impact – content writing or copywriting. Below, we’ll help you figure that out.

Content Writing - What Is this Exactly?

Content writing basically refers to the creation of content that serves to inform the readers of your business. The type of content could include text, videos, images, and webinars, etc.

Website content creation is integral to search engine optimization. Content writers primarily write content that is interesting to the users and is in accordance with your business’s marketing ambitions, with an underlying purpose of ranking it on search engines like Google. The right SEO content results in more traffic, and hence, more leads.

In simple words, the primary goal of content writing is to be informative and useful to the readers. The content should be easy to read and once the reader has gone through it, he/she should be convinced of its idea. 

Although content writing aims towards making sales, it does so in the long run when your SEO and marketing endeavours start to bear fruit.

Copywriting Definition

On the other hand, copy, or sales copy, is created purely for the purpose of marketing and advertising. Over the course of the last two decades, copywriting has evolved and it now features far more mediums such as display ads and landing pages. However, what hasn’t changed is the way it is practised. It needs to sell and for that, copywriters imply urgency and use interesting ways to communicate a product’s features and benefits.

The messages crafted through effective copywriting are catchy and powerful enough to persuade the readers to buy a specific service or product.

Content Writing Vs. Copywriting

Which One is Best for You?

When deciding between content writing and copywriting, you need to ask yourself the following two questions: What is the intent of your writing? And what is the skill set of the writer you’ve hired to do your job?

Talking about intent, if you want to convince someone of your argument, go with content writing. You won’t be telling your readers directly to buy a specific product of your company. Rather, you’ll be telling them in detail why they need the product or service you’re talking about. On the contrary, if you’re trying to spur your prospects to make a quick decision about a particular product or service of your brand and click on the purchase button, go with copywriting.

As for the skillset of the writer, it’s worth mentioning that although complementary writings skills, content writing and copywriting, each requires a separate mindset and style of approach. As such, prowess in one of these skills doesn’t necessarily mean prowess in the other as well. Fortunately for you, Web Writer UK houses writers with prowess over both skills.

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