Things You Probably Didn't Know About Social Media Content Writing

7 Types Of Social Media Content Writing You Should Know

You probably didn’t know that there are 7 different types of social media content writing. Each type has a key feature when relaying a message. Educational content is the first one and probably most important. You want your writing to have a message that someone can learn from while being fun and humorous. Inspirational content is the second one. This goes without saying, an inspiring message can reach so many people and without knowing it, positively impact someone. Interactive content is the third one. By creating social media content writing that draws people to ask questions, complete polls, snap a photo, you are creating a way for people to interact together. The fourth one is connecting content. Behind the scenes, product previews and meaningful stories is an excellent way of connecting to your audience. Promotional content is the fifth one. Who doesn’t love a good bargain! When someone sees the word free, discounted, sale, they immediately become excited to see more of what’s on offer. Newsworthy content is the sixth one. Everyone likes to know what’s going on and what’s real. A good newsworthy story here and there is a good way to share a message. Last but not least, entertaining content. Create social media content writing that will make people laugh and smile, and most of all, feel good. Web Writer UK will create the right social media content writing for your business!

Social Media Content Writing Comes In Many Forms

When you think of social media content writing, you’re probably thinking of blogs, websites and articles. But actually, there are several more ways your business can use when it comes to your social media content writing marketing strategy. Yes, blogs, articles and written posts will always be top of the list when it comes to connecting with your audience. But by adding a different approach here and there, you’re likely to grow your audience even more. Use more images, people are more likely to view a post when there’s an interesting image with it. People are naturally drawn to movement and that’s why videos are fast becoming the quickest way to get a message out and engage with people. Because people love to win, social media competitions are so much fun and create a huge audience visiting your website or social media pages. If you’ve got a new product or a new service, make an announcement with live streams or live stories. You are guaranteed that more people will see your videos and will likely be shared multiple times reaching a huge number of potential customers. So, as you can see, social media content writing isn’t just about mundane posts. Our team at Web Writer UK knows how to get people engaged with your business, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linked In!

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Social Media Content Writing

Tips and Tricks For Engaging Social Media Content Writing

When it comes to social media content writing, the person creating the content will always ensure that they cover the basics. Do your research, if you want your audience to notice and engage with your social media posts, you need to have highly relevant content in line with your target audience. Always speak their language, if you’re writing for CEOs and directors, it will be a different style of social media content writing as opposed to content writing for new moms and dads. You want your posts to be positive and inspiring. No matter what the message is, whether it’s something serious and important or fun and laid back, your posts need to be conveyed in a positive light. Keep it short and sweet. Long and drawn-out posts and articles can quickly lose the attention of the reader. Create something punchy but short. Always end your social media content writing with a call to action. You want people to engage with you, contact you, share your message or visit your profiles. The competition for your audience’s time and attention can be fierce. The secret to being successful is to not compete, but rather to set yourself apart from the crowd. Web Writer UK can do this for you. Contact us today and let us help you stand out with your social media content writing!